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Everyone has a friend or family member that is hard to buy presents for. Why not give them an experience they won’t forget. Our integrated gift voucher system allows vouchers to be used through our online booking system. The recipient can part use a voucher on an activity and use the remainder on a later date. The recipient can choose to put the voucher towards any activity or equipment hire. The vouchers are valid for a year from the day you choose for them to receive the voucher.

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Do we get a Physical Gift Certificate to put it in a card?

No, however if you send yourself the Gift Certificate then you can Print off the gift Certificate Pdf. The printed certificate will have the Gift Code the recipient will need when booking.

I have paid for a Gift Certificate and the Recipient has not received it in their email?

Some email accounts have strict spam setting, make sure you have checked your Junk mail box. If not give us a call and we will reissue the Certificate.

How do I use my Gift Certificate?

When booking an activity online in the ‘Apply promo code or voucher’ section type the 16-digit code e.g. (G445214-334-300317). The Discount will be calculated at the end of the booking.

Can I book onto an activity as an individual with a gift Certificate?

For all Gylly activities you cannot book a single space. A Gift Certificate can be used to book an activity of two or more people. However, a gift certificate can be used for an individual booking if they are joining a larger group already booked in. A gift Certificate can be used to hire individual equipment.

How long is the Gift Certificate Valid?

The Certificate is valid for 12 months from the point of purchase.